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Uscan Economy Fire Safes
Uscan Economy Fire Safes offer economical and secure protection from fire for home and office documents. All Uscan Fire Safes are designed to keep the interior temperature of the safe under 176 degrees Celsius (well below the charring point of paper), during a fire reaching 926 degrees Celsius, ensuring important documents remain intact. All Uscan Economy Fire Safes are equipped with a two-user electronic lock, as well as an emergency key override as standard equipment. The larger models AF6344 & AF8044 are equipped with a dual-custody key & combination lock, requiring the correct combination and the correct key to operate the safe. Uscan Economy Fire Safes are pre-drilled for anchoring the safe to the floor, and all anchoring hardware, and the safe lock batteries are included.

Electronic safe locks
Electronic safe locks have a number of advantages over their mechanical counterparts. Electronic safe locks are very simple to operate, requiring no special knowledge or complicated dialing procedures. Simply key in your 4-8 digit combination and your safe will open; three incorrect combination attempts will result in an audible alarm, and will “lock-out” the keypad for 3 minutes, preventing unauthorized entry. Uscan Electronic safe locks are designed to allow for easy combination changes, All Uscan Economy Fire Safes are equipped with a two-user electronic safe lock and an emergency key override, providing economical security you can count on when it matters the most!

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